Knitting Mishap(s): Accentuating the Positive

I’ve been working on a little sweater which was going to be for little girl of a friend of my sister-in-law’s (too many prepositional phrases!).  It’s been a real learning experience. The pattern is Little Ancolie, and it’s been a challenge from the beginning.  I blogged earlier about some problems I had initially with the lace as well.

(I just want to add that this is a really nice pattern.  The knitter was the problem.  Not the pattern!)

So I’ve learned a lot from this sweater.

1.  I’ve learned about yarn. Bamboo is very drapey.  This yarn is a bamboo/wool blend. The sweater looks pretty, but I’m thinking it is not going to hold its shape very well.


However, I also worried that it was not going to block out very smoothly, and it did actually block out really nicely.

2.  I’ve learned about the possible perils of using double pointed needles in the round versus circular flat knitting.   Most of the sweater was knit flat.  The sleeves were to be done in the round on dpns.  Well, I chose what I thought were the same size needles, but they were a different brand. They were also metal, and I had knit the flat portion with bamboo needles.  The difference between the sleeves and body is just a little bit noticeable.


Yes.  Just a little.

I ended up knitting short sleeves and I actually knit them flat and then seamed them up.

3.  I put a picot edge at the bottom.  It was rolling up like crazy.  I did not think that blocking would fix this, but it actually did.


So at some point in the knitting of the sweater, I thought that all of these things were going to result in the ruination of my project.  But it all worked out.

4.  When the pattern says “carefully” pick up stitches for the edging, and it adds that you should make sure you pick up the same number on each side, you need to take heed.  I thought I had picked up relatively the same number of stitches on each side.  I did not.


As can be seen in the above photo, one side is quite a bit shorter than the other.  I declared this to be the ruination of the sweater, and I immediately began knitting another one.  It’s going much more smoothly so far.  I have not experienced a single bump along the way *knock on wood*.

As a possible salvage, I am going to send this sweater to my sweet niece Lila.  With the drape of the bamboo and the constant motion of a wee one, she just might be able to wear it without this being too noticeable.  She is also adorable, so as someone else mentioned to me – no one will be looking at the sweater anyway!

I have learned more from this project than almost any knitting project, so I really do consider this a success!

3 thoughts on “Knitting Mishap(s): Accentuating the Positive

  1. I HATE picking up stitches along the front edges. It’s one of the places that gets seen so much that it needs to be absolutely perfect. I much prefer knitting the button bands as you go. If that’s an option for your sweater, I’d suggest you go for it! I admire you just starting another one, too!

  2. I just happened upon your blog looking for a pattern for an origami pinwheel coin wallet and you did it! It was a blog in 2011 under the name Origami Purse = Nightmare. I cannot find a pattern, could you perhaps share the folds with me? My brain does not work in those kinds of abstracts without help. Davey is cute. My grandson is 6 and a joy. Arnold

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