The Long Countdown is almost over!

Seems like we have been counting down to our departure all summer.  It’s been nice to have some time to wrap things up and to prepare to go.  It’s not like I can’t wait to get out of Colorado.  I do like this state very much, but it’s time to head out!

David and some mover helper loader guys got the truck loaded today.  It rains about 47 drops of rain a year here (that’s for my dad – who refers to small showers by the number of rain drops), but today of all days, we had a massive downpour.  David had stuff stacked all around outside the storage unit in preparation for the moving guys.  He said it POURED.  Davey and I were driving up I-25 in it, so we can vouch for the storm.  Davey said several times:  “Mommy, lightning just hit our truck.”  It certainly seemed liked it.

But they got it all done.  Davey and I loaded the car with all the loose ends from the condo and got it cleaned up.  Then Davey and I went to see our neighbors once more.  David is going to miss their little girls, and David and I are going to miss their parents.  (Buster is also going to miss their dog.  They loved to play together.)

So tonight we are in a hotel in Broomfield.  It’s nice and they welcome dogs.  Buster had his first ride in an elevator.  The first two times, I had to drag him in.  After that, he just marched in, and he looked rather proud of himself for doing so. He adapts well.

Tomorrow we head to Wyoming!

I tried to take a picture of Davey sleeping.  I think it’s a little grainy, but I didn’t use flash.  Sweet tired boy.


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