A few pictures of a long drive.

We are in Ellensburg getting settled in.  I am not crazy about unpacking boxes.  We will get it all done though.

We had a fun drive.  I love the West, and we saw some beautiful scenery.  I didn’t take very many good pictures, but I got a few that I liked.

One of the highlights of the drive was the Wyoming Information Center.  It is pretty new and was just across the border as we left Colorado.

It was really a nice small museum.

Davey enjoyed looking at and climbing around a sculpture that was outside.  He’s “reading” about it in this picture.



David and Davey checked out the mammoth.



We played in a tipi.



Davey spent a little time in the clink.



There was a short trail outside on which we walked Buster.  There was also a fenced in area where he could run free.

Wyoming has such pretty and varied terrain.  We drove through a vast open area, and Davey and I pretended that we were back in time when the area was an  inland sea.  We had to be careful of the pterodactyls flying over us.

We spent the first night in Rock Springs WY. The second night we were in Mountain Home, Idaho, and I took this picture in the evening.  It’s one of my favorites of the trip.

mountain home



Davey and I stopped at a scenic overlook on our way down into Pendleton, OR.  It was beautiful, but there was a lot of haze from nearby wildfires.



The day we drove into Pendleton, we had  lunch in Baker City Oregon at the Oregon Trail restaurant.  This is a really nice little town.  After lunch, we stopped by the park, and Davey played for awhile.




Davey is happy to be in his new home.  He immediately wanted to plan a “moving in” party.  We walked to the Dollar Tree this morning, and he got decorations.  I had great intentions of making a cake, but I ran out of time and energy and we picked one up at Fred Meyer.  Davey had 4 friends over tonight, and he had so much fun playing with them.  It’s awesome that he already has 4 friends (kids of David’s new art faculty colleagues).   He didn’t want them to leave.

Davey was more about playing with his new friends then eating the cake, but he was a bit of an icing fiend as usual!



Isn’t that begonia beautiful?  A housewarming gift.  They grew it from a cutting of another plant. I hope I can keep it looking as nice as it does now!

So here we are!

1 thought on “A few pictures of a long drive.

  1. Welcome to your new home. Sounds like the important things are already in place . . . new friends. Looking forward to seeing all the great pictures of your new area as you explore with Davey. (Oh, AND Buster!)

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