First Library Card and Little Library!

Before we moved here, I’d been reading about the Little Free Libraries.  I thought it would be really neat to put one in our front yard here.   Turns out I don’t have to!



This one is right across the street from our house!  There were a couple of kids’ books in there, and Davey already chose one to borrow.  As soon as I get to unpacking my books, I’ll try to add a few to their collection.  So fun.

So then today, David, Davey and I went to the regular library to get library cards.  Davey was excited to learn that he could get his own library card.  He waited until they had it ready for him, and then he wanted to go pick out some books on his own.  (He looked for a little bit, but then he saw their train set.  It was time to play and pretend.)

We found him a Geronimo Stilton graphic novel.  He set his card down carefully near his book.




When it came time to walk back home, I wanted to take a picture of Davey.  He’s started to run when he sees me get ready to take a picture.  Good thing my camera is fast!  He tried to hide from me, and then he’d peek out.  It was a good game.



The library is close to our house and it’s great to be able to walk over there.  We will be doing a lot of that!


2 thoughts on “First Library Card and Little Library!

  1. I see you’ve already found the most important thing in your new town, the library. 😉 Love the little library. I don’t think we have any of those here, but some of the Starbuck’s coffee shops have a book nook.

    Love the picture of “peeking” Davey. Too cute.

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