Painting River Rocks and Decorating the Garden!

Davey and I have been wanting to paint river rocks.  We did this once before when we were still in Arkansas (I’m sure he doesn’t remember it, but I have kept one of those rocks on the window sill ever since).

I was worried about the legalities of “stealing” too many river rocks.  Apparently you can gather up to 250 pounds a day on federal land, but you can’t take rocks out of state parks.  There is a state bill that has not yet been passed which would allow you to also take no more than 250 pounds a day (I think – that sounds like a lot) in Washington state parks.  Apparently you have more leeway in Oregon.  This information was gathered with a little google searching;  I didn’t go too in-depth (so don’t quote me on this!).

So my moral dilemma was solved yesterday when David found a 2 pound bag of river rocks for $1.88 at Bi-Mart (local discount store here).  Whew!

This morning we got out the acrylic paints and we started painting.  Oh, prior to this I had gone to pinterest and done a search on painted river rocks.  I now have a board devoted to river rocks.  There were lots of examples!

Davey wanted to make a tomato rock.



David joined in as well.



After we were done painting the rocks, Davey put them all in the garden.  He had the great idea of decorating the garden with them.

After making a tomato rock, Davey painted a volcano rock.  I like his finished rock.  Of course the red is the lava bubbling up out of the volcano!


Davey put the frog and ladybug together at first (painted by David).


But then he decided that the ladybug should sit up higher.


Here’s the tomato rock.  Davey asked me to label it. Next to the tomato rock is my little guy.  I call him Francois.



Buster was just taking it all in. Such a pretty boy (almost a year old!).


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