Two Totally Different Recipes – had to share

It’s Friday.  I’m on the front porch watching Davey look for clues.  He found a gem in the flowerbed (I think it’s a gumball machine kinda gem, but he’s having fun looking for more clues).  He just discovered a roly poly and determined that he followed us from Colorado.  Quite an imagination on this little guy (Davey – not the roly poly!).

I made two recipes this week that I had to share.  First a friend mentioned that he was making “paleo pancakes”.  Two ingredients.  1 Banana and 2 Eggs.  (that’s two right?  or three?)  Anyway.  Squish up the banana by itself.  Beat the eggs by themselves.  Mix them together.  Make pancakes.

Really good.  I suppose you could call them a banana omelette kinda?  But no, they really tasted like pancakes – or maybe somewhere between pancake and french toast (one of my favorite foods).

Highly recommend!

Then I made Green Bean, Grape and Pasta Toss.  I wasn’t sure what I thought about green beans and grapes together, but I thought I’d give this a whirl.  David decreed that it was the best pasta salad he had ever had.

The recipes calls for fresh green beans.  There were none to be found at the grocery store, so I steamed frozen green beans.

The recipe calls for roasted pecans.  I like walnuts better, and they were about half the price so I used those.  Didn’t roast them either.

I used apple cider vinegar instead of red wine.  I always read about how good apple cider vinegar is for us, so I use it as much as I can.

Oh and I used turkey bacon instead of regular.  I’ve gotten to where I like it just as much as regular (maybe because I haven’t had regular in quite awhile!).  It worked great though.

That’s my recipe sharing for the day.

Now it’s time to head down to the 4-H horse fair.  Davey is excited about seeing the horses and hopefully seeing his friend ride in some of the events!

1 thought on “Two Totally Different Recipes – had to share

  1. Your recipes sound interesting & good. I usually make adjustments, additions & substitutions when I’m cooking, it’s fun. But when I’m baking I try to follow the directions. I heard once that it’s best to do that when baking.

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