Glow “Run”

Davey participated in his first “run” on Friday night.   It was the first annual Glow Run here in Ellensburg.   We kind of found out about it at the last moment, so we didn’t get registered in time.  I’d like to try to get ready to do it next year.

It was fun for Davey though.   He did the kid fun run. We thought it was going to be about a 1/2 mile run, but they decided to shorten the distance.   I guess maybe because they were going to run around a large field, and maybe they didn’t feel keen on having the kids running around a big field in the dark?  Not sure.

So here David is working out the “route” with Davey.  See those cones?  There is one about 50 yards out into the field.  I think maybe it was a 100 yard dash.  The distance really didn’t matter though.  Davey was very excited to participate.


Of course we took lots of pictures.


I feel like I should also document that it’s not always smiles and grins for the camera.  Lately it’s a lot of running from the camera and a little of this:

not-always-happyThat picture makes me laugh.

So they waited until it got nice and dark to start their run.  It was fun to try to take pictures of Davey in his glow necklace.


My shutter was just too slow in the dark to try to capture Davey crossing the finish line.  He ran as fast as he could go though.  He was breathin’ hard when he came through the finish line.

I’d like for us all to participate next year!

1 thought on “Glow “Run”

  1. oh my! that “sad” picture is hilarious! Definitely LOL!!! Looks like you just asked him to eat fiber! (“Fiber makes me sad..” lol)

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