A Little Fishin’

We went exploring a little today.  Drove up to Cle Elum along the river.  David floated that part of it yesterday, and he wanted to show it to us.  He also wanted to check out some potential fishing holes.

None of them panned out too well – for today anyway.  He was a little limited as to where he could go since Davey and I were with him.

But we had a nice picnic lunch along the river.  And as usual, there’s little Mr. Hider.



David fished a little, but he wasn’t really set up for water that big.



I was fascinated by this pretty little creek that was flowing out of the woods into the Yakima.



And I know the angle on this picture is whacky (I get carried away sometimes), but I was looking at those trees thinking this is going to be beautiful in the fall!


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