Morning Silliness & Playing at the Pond

David has been going to school in the mornings to work on stuff.

Off he goes – Davey and I waved good-bye, and then we started playing our new favorite game:  Let’s run from the camera.

betterbikeI guess I can only post so many “Mama, I am running from the camera pictures”, but I can’t get enough of them.  Davey gets so tickled.

running2He laughs and laughs.



I guess I shouldn’t encourage this, but I can also be quick and stealthy with the camera when I need to be.  Like when his back is to me.

fishingI took this Sunday at the People’s Pond.  Didn’t catch any fish, but we found a great place to play.

Davey played for a long time with an empty bottle and a cup.  He was making potions.

bottle-and-cupHe created “waterfalls” as well.

playing-on-bridgeWhile Davey was playing, David fished some more, and I worked on a sock.

sockI got this yarn a couple of years ago at Hobby Lobby.  I like it.  Can’t remember what it is called, but it’s kind of stretchy.  Should turn out nice.


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