Checkin’ out the Wind Farm

Last Saturday we drove over to the Wild Horse Wind Farm.  It’s not far outside of Ellensburg.

This is the information center and where our tour began.  I love the “old-fashioned” windmill there amid all the giant modern ones.



They give these great free tours.  We arrived just a few minutes late but were able to jump right in.

It was really interesting.  We had always had lots of questions about these wind turbines. There are 149 of them out here, and they supply energy to about 70,000 homes.



Davey loved it too. They showed us every part of the turbine and explained how it all worked.  We want to go back there in the spring when we have lots of wind here so we can really see them going.  It was a pretty calm day when we went (they only need 9mph winds though to spin!).



Later in the tour, we went inside a wind turbine, but first we had to put on our safety gear.  Davey liked this part a lot too.



The wind farm is up on a big hill outside of town.  Hill doesn’t quite describe it, but it is not a mountain either.  We had to climb up out of the valley a little ways.  The result was an incredible view.



I never get tired of catching glimpses of Mt. Rainier.  We could see Mt. Adams to the south as well.  It’s incredible to me.

I’m adding this to the list of places we take visitors!


1 thought on “Checkin’ out the Wind Farm

  1. Netflexs has a very interesting documentary about wind farms and it’s very informative. That is really neat to actually go up to windmill and see them. The ones I have driven by in the Texas Pan handle are just out side of Vega, Texas. I never seen one up close and only image how massive they really are!

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