Mission: Photograph “Regrowth”

“Regrowth” the behemoth shawl is done! I think it is the largest thing I have ever knitted.

I began it back in April.  I knitted it through 6 seasons of “How I Met Your Mother”, a couple of seasons of “Justified”, couple of seasons of “Hell on Wheels”, couple of seasons of “Longmire”, a season of “Homeland”, and then just lots more evening knitting.  I took some breaks from it to make some baby things and a couple of other projects, but they were mostly pretty quick, and then I was back to this shawl.

It’s beautiful.  Our mission today was to try to figure out how the heck to get a photograph that might somewhat do it justice.  I made it for a friend and will be sending it to her soon, so I wanted to get lots of pictures before I sent it off.  We are going to miss it around here!

David and Davey tried to hold it up for me so that the beautiful patterns could be seen.


David had fun with this.




I tried draping it gracefully over a chair.



Then we decided to go walk over to have some frozen yogurt and to look for possible photo op places on the way.

We tried some steps behind city hall (this was to give Davey some added height by getting up the steps).



Then we just enjoyed our walk because it is just so darn pretty out today!



Lot of pretty colors in town.



We decided to walk around campus to see what we could figure out for picture possibilities.

There’s lots of concrete around, so we found a clean spot, swept the leaves off and tried again.



We decided that we needed a little more angle on the picture.



Davey may have been getting a little weary of the pictures at this point.



We took one final picture of the shadows cast by the shawl.  We thought this was pretty cool!



This is really a nicely written pattern which was actually a combination of several different motifs that the designer liked.  I had a lot of fun knitting it.  I never grew weary of it except maybe when I had about 1700 stitches of purling to make my way across the row!  I’d love to make this again though sometime!

6 thoughts on “Mission: Photograph “Regrowth”

  1. Oh, Christina…. words cant begin to express my gratitude! It is amazing – and HUGE!!!! I love it and I love the picture the picture with the shadow – awesome!!!

  2. Wow! It’s simply beautiful! Make sure that you show it off to everyone you meet. Maybe drag random strangers off the street to appreciate your efforts. 😉

  3. Christian, you are the most amazing person and just think we knew you at APSU. You are such an artist your fingers are valuable:) I’m sure Debbie agrees because she is raving about her beautiful shawl and the design is awesome. Davey has grown and dad looked like Batman holding up the shawl:). You look great Chris…

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