It’s Sunday again.

Lately it seems like every time I sit down to write a blog entry, another week has passed!  And so it happened again this week.

It’s been so pretty here this week.  The leaves were in full color and now they are falling like crazy.

We drove over to the art building today to try to get a few more pictures of the shawl.  I have not sent it to my friend yet.  It’s still in my possession.  I am having trouble letting it go.  No no, I am ready to send it off, but I wanted to try to get just a few more pictures!

I took a picture of the campus on our way. It was a cloudy kinda dreary day today, but it made the trees all “glowy” and I thought extra pretty!



We really didn’t do much better this week on taking pictures of the shawl.  David took a couple of nice detailed shots that I liked.



It’s such a pretty pattern.



We tried hanging it on the wall, but it was looking all dark, edgy and very “Batmanish” so that didn’t work all that great.  We got some shots of it inside on the concrete floor, and I do like how those turned out.  It’s a little dark still, but the details show up pretty nicely.



Last week was apparently the annual gnat invasion.  They are maybe mayflies or something?  I need to research this, but they are not biting bugs; they are just everywhere.  Makes for cool photo opportunities though! The dots = gnats!



And finally, we got a total surprise in the mail this week.  A friend sent Davey a quilt she made.  It’s so pretty, and Davey is just in love with it.  It has a flannel backing, and it’s just so warm and cosy.  He sleeps with it at night, and then he brings it to the couch in the morning.



Such a nice gift!


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