Davey turned 6 today.  Presents, playing with presents, more playing with presents – he had a great time.  This afternoon we had a little party with our great friends.  I made a bunch of cupcakes, and they decorated them.  David took a lovely picture.  Our guests were a little older than Davey and had more cupcake decorating stamina, so more of these cupcakes can be attributed to them (Davey’s is that lovely red blue and white one in the front though!).  They did beautiful work!cupcakes


They brought him an art kit, and so he wanted to try it out immediately!



David got a “calm moment” picture somehow out of this excited kid.



He had such a fun time though.  He loved loved playing Headbanz with us.  He laughed so much.



It’s a busy time around here this time of year.  David had a birthday a few days ago too.

Davey also had a lot of fun celebrating Daddy’s birthday.



I realized that I needed to focus the camera on the birthday kid!



We made him mini cupcakes.  Davey enjoyed decorating these as well.  We had some mini cupcakes, sang, and opened some gifts.

I like this picture.



Happy Birthday David and Davey!

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