David caught a rare quiet Davey moment yesterday during his birthday party.



We are just enjoying how he is absolutely loving school.  The progress he has made in just over 6 weeks is incredible.  When he brought home his first sight word list, things were not clicking yet.  It was a little difficult the first time through.  We played lots of games, and eventually he mastered those words.  I will always remember how much trouble “me” and “my” gave him.

The second list went much more quickly.  He got into the swing of learning them, and it came pretty quickly to him.  Now his third list?  He’s gotten to the point where he is sounding out many of the words to help him figure it out.  He knew the list of words almost as soon as he received it.

He loves numbers.  He loves to organize them.  Recognizing some of the digits between 11 and 20 is giving him a little trouble, but he knows what they represent.  It’s just remembering their names that is giving him a bit of a challenge.

He is starting to read signs everywhere he goes.  His handwriting has improved by leaps and bounds.  He was never really interested in coloring, drawing or writing before he started kindergarten, which was absolutely ok with me.  He was into other things like reading with us and expanding his imagination.  But he had a little work to do to get those fine motor skills going.  He’s quickly getting them, and now he wants to write and draw all the time.

I want to document all this so I can remember it more clearly when I think back to these days someday.  He is a kindergartener who loves learning, and he has the greatest kindergarten teacher to guide him.  There are such great teachers out there who are doing their absolute darndest despite big class sizes and having to adapt to changes like the Common Core Standards (I don’t know enough about it yet to say whether I think it’s going to be good or not – but they have to adapt either way!).   I always want to remember how committed and awesome his teacher was as well, although that’s pretty unforgettable already.

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