A Little Hike with the Davids

We took Davey up Manastash Ridge a little ways today.  We were looking for some snow (he is so ready for snow).  


There’s not much up there, and he didn’t want to hike quite high enough to see a little more, but he did get to crunch through just a little bit on the trail.  This made him pretty happy.  



We are having a heat wave here today.  It’s in the 40s, and after 20 degree days for a couple of weeks, 40 feels really good.  It was really nice to be outside. The view was quite nice too.



Davey’s favorite part of the walk though centered around this:



There was an icy trench along the very beginning of our walk.

Davey worked hard throwing rocks to try to break the ice, but the water in the trench was frozen solid.



David tried several times to break the ice with bigger rocks.  He was being very silly in his attempts, and Davey was about to fall over he was laughing so hard. 

I was able to walk to the top yesterday with Buster.  Some nice college girls got a good picture of Buster and me at the top.



Can’t wait to go back!


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