Knitting knitting – Utilitarian Style

I guess I have said this already, and I may be guilty of saying it many more times, but it is cold in these parts!

It’s kinda fun though because I have tons of use for my knitted things.  I’ve been wearing my handknit socks almost every day.  The requests for additional knitted things are pouring in from David.

I just finished knitting him a gaiter.  It is just a 1×1 rib tube that is a little longer than his neck.  He calls it his gorget.  I call it a portable turtleneck.  I am going to make one for me too.  It is so warm.

So I’ve been knitting useful things.  He wants a pair of gloves too.  I need to give another pair a go anyway.  I want to make a pair of gloves that look really finished and nice when I am done.  I’ve got a way that I am going to improve where the fingers attach to the hand.  Now I am noticing that my new pair has several homely little ends peeking out.  I’ve got to do a better job of weaving in ends.  I don’t typically have problems with ends, but maybe it’s because gloves fit snugly and are smooth so I don’t know if the friction gets the ends moving?  It’s something else that I need to work on.

Here’s David in his knitted gear.  I made the hat a few years ago.  It has alpaca in it, so it’s become all kinds of floppy.  He likes it though because he can wear it to school and then not have the hat head look when he takes it off.  He has the Sweater on, and if he doesn’t start wearing it to school, I am!  Finally, he has his new “gorget” on.  I can’t recommend that simple gorget enough! It’s not the most exciting knit in the world however.  I am going to change it up maybe when I make one for me.  Although that 1×1 rib is snug and comfy.


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