More Headbands. I’ve gotten reflective!

I’ve knitted another couple of headbands.  There are many reasons to knit these.  

A.  They fit great.  The garter stitch is stretchy and adapts awesomely to any head shape (that may be a bit of an overstatement, but it’s a versatile fit for sure).

B.  They knit up so fast and are fun to make. (The pattern is called It’s a Cinch!)

C. This is related to B.  I finish a project and get to feel happy about actually having finished something.  

So then I read somewhere (probably on pinterest) about Red Heart’s bulky weight reflective yarn.  

I had to immediately order some and try it out. Because it is bulky weight, I just cast on 17 stitches instead of the 20 listed in the instructions.  Then on the first one I made, I joined the ends with a piece of that reflective yarn.  That didn’t work so well.  Too bulky and that reflective strand running through the yarn made it hard to gather.  So on the second headband, I used just a scrap piece of worsted.  That worked a lot better. 

Here are the two I knitted with the bulky reflective yarn.

photo (2)


Now to demonstrate the reflective quality of the yarn.  Regular picture:

photo (3)


Next, I had David take a picture of me on the dark basement stairs:

photo (1)


Isn’t that cool!?!   I am fascinated by the reflective quality!  Not only is this head band comfortable and warm, but it has an added visibility/safety factor!

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