Davey and Blogging

I started this blog when Davey was born.  I’ve posted really regularly at times, and more sporadically at others. (This is actually my 765th post! That seems crazy to me!)

I have always tried to catch special moments and write them down.  When each of these moments have happened, I have always thought that there was no way that I would ever forget them!  Yet when I go back to look at old posts from even just a couple of years ago, I will read about things he said and did, and it is like they just happened for the first time.  I am amazed by how much I forget.

These are simple stories.  For example, for the past month or so, Davey has been afraid to be in a room by himself.  He has followed us all over the house (and it is not a large house!).   I told him that I thought it was just a phase that he was going through. This made him feel much better, and for awhile he was saying, “But Mama, I am still going through my ‘phrase'”.  It is just in the last few days that he has really almost gotten over this. This morning he told me that, “I am so happy that my phase is over!  I am so happy that I don’t know if I feel like laughing or crying!”

I will enjoying coming back to my blog to read and remember someday.  But due in part to our rather nomadic life since Davey was born (we have lived in Tennessee, Arkansas, Colorado and now Washington), I really like to share my blog.  We have family and friends scattered all over the country, and I think they enjoy reading about him as well.  It’s a way to stay connected.

But you don’t have to share on a blog. You could write down your stories about your family, yourself, your pets, your interests, etc. in a journal or scrapbook, and you will enjoy reading them again someday.

Something else I’d like to remember. Today we went to an “Education, Environment and Economy Fair” here in Ellensburg.  Davey spent a fair amount of time pretending he was an archaeologist.  He “dug” up obsidian and petrified wood!


Maybe I will read this post again someday and see this was the beginning of a career in science and exploration!

Ok that’s my pitch for writing it all down! (or at least some or even a little tiny bit of it!)  If you already do “write it down”, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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