happy valentines.

I knitted some hearts for Valentines Day.  It had been such a busy week and I decided that on Thursday night I was just going to sit down for a little knitting time.  I stopped by my LYS and picked up some red yarn – Peace Fleece in Ukrainian Red.   It was a great red!  I found this free pattern from one of my old favorites – Mochimochiland.


I tried to get a good picture of Davey holding a heart, but the light was not cooperating with me.  Neither was Davey really for that matter, but that was ok.  I liked this picture.


Davey had such a big day at school.  They celebrated Valentines Day and it was also Clifford’s birthday!


He made us some beautiful Valentines gifts too.  He made a heart with his handprints.


On the back was part of one of my most favorite ee cummings poems (he’s my favorite poet).


I love how he wrote his name.  He insists on an upper case A.

Davey enjoyed showing David his Valentine treats.


Today it’s snowing.  It’s really pretty and I wish I was capable of getting a good picture of it falling.  Instead I got a picture of Buster letting me know that he wanted to play.


Silly dog.

Happy Saturday!

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