Daddy Daughter Dance

Davey came home from school the other day with a flier.  He handed it to me and asked me to tell him what it said.

I told him that it was an announcement about a “Father Daughter Dance”.  It was a special time for dads to go have dinner and to dance with their daughters.

Davey did not like this at all.  “Where’s my dance?  Why can’t we go?  Why is it just daughters?  What if sons want to go with their moms or dads?”

He sputtered about this for several minutes.  Finally he said, “Mama, let me have that flier.”  I gave it to him, and he crumpled it up into a ball and took it to the trashcan.

He then said that he did not want to talk about it anymore.  It was as though he could not quite wrap his mind around this “injustice”.

I guess maybe I need to start lobbying for a mother/father/daughter/son dance. 🙂

This is one of those little Davey stories that I just had to write down and remember.


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