Some Knitting: Art Implements

I’m taking a Literacy class this quarter and one of the requirements is to build a text set. I chose Art and Creativity for my theme, and I am working on a paper and a display to go with it.  It occurred to me that there might be a knitting opportunity in here as well.  I started looking around for patterns, and I found a few that I have now knitted up.

I found a pattern for a tube of paint and one for a paint brush.  These were quick very fun patterns to make.  Here are links to the patterns:  Paint Tube, and Paint Brush.  They are on the same website, and there’s another pattern there for a pencil as well.



I made these with some leftover bulky Brown Sheep yarn.

I actually stuffed the paint brush with a pencil.  It gives it some nice heft.  There’s no context here for size, but it is just about actual sized.  Using the bulky weight yarn really worked nicely as well.



I also made a colored pencil.  This was actually supposed to be a bookmark, but I ended up adjusting the pattern a little (I made it smaller) and using finer yarn. My pencil is a little rough looking at the end.  I could say that I did this to make it look more realistic, but unfortunately, that’s not true.  I do like the effect though.



I almost forgot one of my favorite parts.  The tube of paint has “retractable paint”.  I knit an icord and you can pull it out of the tube and then push it back in!  The pattern also gives the option of leaving the bottom open and putting in a snap so that you could easily pull the cord from the bottom.



When I finished these, Davey said I needed a palette as well to complete the set.  I thought this was a great idea, and so I looked around for a pattern, but I couldn’t find one.  I could not quite wrap my brain around designing it.  Well, I was kind of getting it figured out, but it was taking away a lot of time that I need to finish actually writing the text set as opposed to embellishing it.  So maybe I will try that another time.

I preferred the paintbrush and tube patterns, and I’d like to try the pencil pattern from that same website.  The colored pencil pattern is very nice too but it would work better for its original purpose of being a nice flat bookmark.

I guess I better get back to actually doing the writing part of this project!



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