Davey’s Teeball Debut in pictures (lots) and stories (some)

Davey had his first teeball game today.  The notorious Ellensburg winds gave us a proper welcome. Windy!  We thought it was fitting as well that Davey’s team is called the Colorado Rockies!

Davey is a great hustler and he is always enthusiastic.

He was focused at the tee and had several nice hits.





Off he ran as fast as he could.  After the kids hit, there is often a slight hesitation for many of the players as they locate first base, and then realize they are supposed to run there. Once the realization hits them though, they run just as fast as their little legs will carry them.



Waiting on second.




He made it home.  Looks like such a big kid to me in this picture.




He was no less enthusiastic in the field.  Not much came his way but he was ready and even willing to run all the way across the field at times to try to retrieve the ball.




Finally a ball came his way.   It slipped by, but he was on it.




He gave his best effort on his throw.




A lot of the Davey teeball experience involves the social interaction aspect.  He very much enjoyed chatting with each coach as he waited on base.




Running again.




At one point late in the game, David and I noticed Davey out in the field adjusting his stance or playing around with balancing on the edges of his cleats?  Not sure, but all of a sudden he toppled over like a little tree.  He fell pretty hard, but he bounced right back up.  We watched him flop his wrist around, and then he started trying to get our attention.  He didn’t know that we’d seen him so he pantomimed his fall.  I wish I would have gotten that on video!  I was trying to zoom in to see if he was upset.  He wasn’t.

Blurry picture, but I could see that he was ok – just a hat that was askew.




Good first day.


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