Today is Davey’s half birthday so we had a little celebration.  He also went to a friend’s birthday party today, so he had a big fun day.

I made him a cake and he requested red icing.  I did my best to not have it turn out pink.bday-half-cake-2014


I didn’t get the typical big Davey grin pictures, but I like these a lot too.  This is tired Davey who had a big afternoon at the park. Saturdays are also typically a recovery day from a busy week at school!



He did a great job blowing out those candles.



We sang and ate cake.  Happy half birthday to our sweet boy.

1 thought on “6.5

  1. Happy half birthday! Hard to believe how fast he is growing up.

    On the other hand — my boy turned 31 last Wednesday. Where in the world did the TIME go???

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