Garden Love

This year I have planted a garden for the first time.  In the past, I tried container tomatoes a few times but without much luck.  One year I planted them in Texas, and I had the containers on the concrete slab patio in the backyard.  I am pretty sure that I cooked the plants.

I think I tried them in Texas again the next year, but then Timber, our Siberian Husky, discovered the green tomatoes.  He walked around the plants and ate every single one of them.  That dog would eat anything.

This year though we are renting a house that has two small raised beds.  I was determined to grow a garden with Davey.  David very much enjoys the benefits, but he’s not fond of dirt.  That’s ok, because I love it enough for both of us.

I started all my plants inside from seed.  They all did great, even the tomatoes.

I planted everything a few weeks ago.  I was anxious to get it all into the garden because my starts were outgrowing their little pots.  Turns out I think I was lucky there was not one more freeze!  Typically, many people around here don’t plant until Memorial Day from what I understand (or at least Mother’s Day).


photo (5)


I have been reading up on how to take care of my plants.  Of course, Pinterest is my great source to gather information.  

I learned that you can harvest the larger leaves on kale and keep it going all summer.  I have learned that there are little sprouts that grow on tomato plants called “suckers”, and from what I have read so far, I need to pluck those off so the tomatoes will do better.  I learned that lettuce starts to get bitter once the temperature is over 75 degrees.  I am learning lots because I knew zero!

Yesterday, I harvested our first lettuce and kale.

photo (4)

We made kale/lettuce salads for lunch.  (The salad looks dirty, but that’s the dressing!  I just noticed that when I looked at the picture!)

photo (7)

I acknowledge that I sound like I am the only person who has ever planted a garden in the history of the world, but it’s just so fun!  I even like weeding it.  As a matter of fact, it’s time to go water right now!




2 thoughts on “Garden Love

  1. I would LOVE to have a garden, unfortunately I can’t at this house. 😦 Maybe someday. In the meantime, I’ll garden vicariously through you.

  2. I’d love to have a garden. Reading about your little boy and the gardening you are doing together made my day!

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