A Stick House and 2 Archers

I was looking around on pinterest yesterday and found a link to what I thought were the cutest little houses.

stick house


I had just picked up some popsicle sticks at Dollar Tree, and so Davey and I began gathering some sticks from the yard.  We had fun creating our own little house.



It’s a great craft because anything goes.  There’s no real plan, and we got to be creative although we did also have the to figure out logistics like how to make the walls attach to the floors etc.  This was challenging for my brain but fun, and it was a good challenge for Davey as well.  We haven’t tried to put our house up on stilts yet so that we can attach the ladder, but I liked our final result.



Davey sat down with me for quite awhile and worked on this little house.  He even made a “sun on a stick” which I forgot to attach.

BUT – while building stick houses with Mama is fine and dandy, it ain’t got nothin’ on archery with Daddy.

Davey has had so much fun playing with his little plastic bow with suction cup arrows, that David decided to get him an upgraded more sturdy bow.


They both had a good time shooting it.


Notice the dramatic fingers follow through demonstrated by both Davids.

Davey enjoyed showing me variations on his form as well.



Today they are creating new targets to shoot at!


1 thought on “A Stick House and 2 Archers

  1. Davey takes his lesson very seriously! That is an intent face.

    Tell him to keep at it —— maybe someday we’ll see him in the Olympics!

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