A Sweater for Lila

About a year ago I started a sweater for my niece.  It was a simple pattern called Daisy Chain, and what I really liked about it were the embroidered daisies on the front of the sweater.  I knitted about 2/3 of the sweater in Cascade Sport.  I was enjoying the yarn, the pattern, and I was looking forward to the embroidery part.

Then I set it down and I guess forgot about it for over a year.  Why do I do this?  I picked it back up a couple of weeks ago and decided I should finish it.  I couldn’t believe how far I had gotten on it and then had just set it aside.

I finished up the knitting, and then it was time for the embroidery.  When will I learn?  I always love the idea of embroidering on knitting more than I actually like doing it.  I really want to bring two things that I like to do together, but I just never like fiddling with embroidery on soft knitted fabric.  I started the embroidery, but I didn’t like the way it was looking so I took it out.  Then I fiddled with it a little more, and I decided I really liked it without any embroidery at all.



It’s a simple design, and I had just known this color would be pretty on my niece.

I just happen to have a picture of her modeling it.



This is Lila’s grin these days when she’s asked to smile for the camera.  I love it.  It is impossible not to smile when I see it. I just want to knit for her 24 hours a day!

And finally, I have too much fun trying to get interesting pictures. They don’t always quite work out the way I hope.


2 thoughts on “A Sweater for Lila

  1. Oh my golly …….Lila is just too, too adorable. I love that over-the-top grin. Obviously, she loves her new sweater. I think it looks great without the embroidery. The embroidery would be too much. That color is just perfect for her.

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