A Knitting Discovery: How to fix a dropped purl stitch

My Rock Island shawl is in timeout after I had to frog a bunch of rows of the edging.


So I started this


I haven’t gotten too far yet.



A few things:

1.  Tubular cast on.  I cast on using the long-tail cast on approach every chance I get.  I had the option to do that here, but the suggested cast on was the tubular cast on.  I think it’s supposed to have a nice finished look.  I am always intimidated by a new cast on. I balked at first, but then I decided to go for it.

It was no big deal.  At all.  Pretty fun actually, and it does look very nice.

2.  The sweater is navy blue, so when I knit at night, it’s like knitting with my eyes closed.  I should admit to myself that I need to put some reading glasses on and work under a spotlight. The fact that  I can’t see what I am doing half the time when I knit in the evening leads to number 3.

3.  I keep making mistakes despite the fact that this is an easy pattern.  No lace to be found.  It’s a welt stitch (knit two rows, purl two rows, repeat) and a double moss stitch.

So I knitted part of a round that I should have purled.  I figured this out on the next round, so I had to unravel down and fix the stitch to make a purl.  I can not wrap my poor brain around how to fix the unraveled stitch and make it a purl.  I maneuver and re-maneuver, and I just don’t get it.  I always end up making a knit stitch.  Makes me feel like a dummy.

I went to youtube for help and learned one of the most awesome things I have learned in my knitting career:

Turn the knitting to the opposite side and fix it as if it is a knit stitch.  It will then be a purl stitch on the other side.

That’s just pure genius.  It was an exciting and happy moment.  I feel like I should have figured this out on my own.  I really should have.  In any case, it worked and yay!



2 thoughts on “A Knitting Discovery: How to fix a dropped purl stitch

  1. That’s going to be a very handsome sweater.

    That’s how I fix my dropped stitches too. I’m sure there is a way to do it all on one side, but this is much easier.

  2. I am so loving that sweater! As for knitting with dark yarn in the evening, I learned to move to the light and concentrate. I just got my first pair of readers last year and wondered why I didn’t do that sooner. My progressive lenses are fine for reading and general knitting but at the end of the day when my eyes are tired, the readers are wonderful.

    Looking forward to your progress on this sweater and Rock Island returning to your needles.

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