Sunday Stroll

Sunday afternoon we went for a little stroll.

Turns out, we went back in time!

Sunday-StrollWas pretty cool.  Davey loves time travel.

(ok no time travel.  They were setting up for our county fair which begins in a couple of weeks.)

Of course I always have to get my picture of David and Davey walking together.



We were walking down the John Wayne trail looking for the apples David had seen during his run.

I love taking pictures of fruit in trees as well.



These were little bitty apples.  Crab apples maybe?  There were trees just loaded with fruit all along the trail.  There was also so much fruit rotting on the ground.  We picked some (out of the trees not the rotting fruit on the ground), and I am thinking of making one more batch of apple jelly.

And of course a picture of little (not so little) Davey.




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