Fair 2014

We had a big busy long weekend. Ellensburg Fair! My mom also came to visit and she experienced it with us.

Davey had a great time. We entered things in the fair and so received our exhibitors’ passes which gave us entry all five days.

Davey won a blue ribbon with his “Love” painting.  He was very proud.



He really embraced the rides this year, and he fearlessly rode just about every ride he could.

However, he and David did ride something called “The Orbitor” with not the greatest of results.  David wrote about it on facebook:

“Davey and I just rode something at the fair called The “Orbitor” – a spinning, high-flying, brain-searing rattletrap, that he wasn’t really big enough to be on, even with me. Davey was screaming that he couldn’t breathe all the way through it. I was trying not to let go of him, while at the same time not hurt him from holding on so tight. We were both about in tears when it was over. I don’t remember how we got off the thing, but we did end up out in the grass, stumbling around, with me carrying Davey. We both said, “let’s go home” at the same time. One ride completely finished us off, maybe for the day.

They did end up going back later in the evening and riding more rides although they did not go anywhere near “The Orbitor”.

I was nervous just watching him on the swings, although I love this picture (Davey is the 4th kid back).


Davey got so lucky in that he found a friend to ride rides with every time he was there.  My favorite story is that one evening he rode rides with a little girl who was in a different kindergarten class.  Davey had not met or seen her dad before so he was surprised that this man was following him and the little girl to the next ride. Davey turned around to the dad and asked, “Why are you following us?”  The little girl’s dad told me the story later in the evening, and he told me that he told Davey, “because I am keeping my eye on you!”  I loved Davey’s directness though. (Davey’s friend straightened things out by saying:  “Davey, he’s my daddy!”)

When we were able to get him away from the rides, he enjoyed the Frontier Village where he got to “pan for gold”.  It’s actually fool’s gold, but it turns out it is always harder to get David and me to stop panning for it then it is for Davey.  David and I get the “fever”.

There was also an old schoolhouse, and he loved learning about what it was like to go to school in a one-room school  in the early 20th century.

In this picture, he is watching a man who had tried on the very tall dunce cap and who was sitting in the corner.  Davey didn’t know quite what to think about this.



We also went to see the animals one evening, and Davey really enjoyed the baby goat.



Now the fair is over for another year, and it’s time to start school. It’s kinda sad to see the summer end, but Davey is also excited to start first grade!


1 thought on “Fair 2014

  1. Davey is a real school kid now —- no more kindergarten stuff —- he’s hit the BIG TIME! Can’t wait to see all the fun things he learns this year.

    When I subbed, I always liked first grade. The kiddos were sure to tell me that they weren’t “kindergarten BABIES” anymore. LOL

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