Davey’s sweater

I’ve been working on Davey’s sweater.  It’s going slowly, but it’s really fun to knit.

Today I decided I’d better try it on him to make sure that it’s not way small.  I didn’t think it would be, but better to find out now.

It’s going to be plenty big (assuming I finish it in the next month or so!).  It’s a size 8, and I was careful about gauge so hopefully it will fit him for a minute or two!  There is ribbing on the bottom, but it’s just tucked under here.  It’s also not quite arranged on him correctly, but I just wanted to get an idea as to how it was going.  So far, so good.



Davey was a really good sport about helping me out with some pictures.



And I am always looking for an excuse to get some pictures of this growing little guy.


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