Wyatt in Progress

A couple of weeks ago, I began the process of joining the arms to the body of my Wyatt sweater that I am making for Davey.

Once the arms and body are joined together, than I will begin to knit the yoke and neck which will look like this:


When I joined, I had to bind off six stitches in the center.  This is where I ceased knitting in the round and instead began knitting back and forth.  This is so I can create the opening in the front.

First though, I had to join them together.  The instructions baffled me a little, but thankfully my friend Ann from Yarn Folk helped me figure it out.  I was able to join it together while I was at the shop working with her.

Then I got it home and got it all messed up.  I am not sure what I did, but I got really confused so I just took it all apart again.  There were a bunch of stitch markers and I was trying to keep the front and back straight.  Somehow I got them mixed up and I am just not sure what I did. Then I got disgusted with my mess, and I put the project in time out for a couple of weeks.

Time outs can be great things if you get the item back out of time out.  My motivation to get the sweater out of time out was the fact that winter is coming, and this might be the only winter the size I am making will fit Davey.

So I tried it again.  The second time around, everything made so much more sense to me.  It went much more easily.  I wish I could do everything twice.  I would understand so much more.

I did this rejoining last weekend when we were up that the art building with David.  He was doing some work and so we were hanging out with him.  I found that I do much better work when I am sitting on a tall chair in front of a tall table where I have tons of room.  It was perfect!  I need this set up at home!


photo 1

That’s not the greatest picture, but we do have joinage.

Here’s hoping that I can knit the rest without making any enormous mistakes!

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