A Field Trip

I have not blogged in almost a month. That feels very strange. It’s definitely time!

So today, I went with Davey’s class on a field trip to the fire station. It’s not far from his school so we walked there. This involved crossing a grassy field, walking down the side of a road for a short distance, crossing onto a gravel trail, and then shortly after that, we arrived at the station (we came in from behind!).


Davey and his class learned a ton of great information.  I did too.  For example, I learned that your nose doesn’t work while you are sleeping.  You can have someone stick a big freshly baked pan of brownies under your nose when you are asleep, and the firemen told us you won’t smell it.  That’s why we need working smoke detectors.   I found that fact fascinating.  It’s probably the one fact that I will not forget.

They talked about escape if there is a fire.  Davey got the chance to be rescued from a bedroom.



Davey had told me this morning that he thought firemen were kinda scary when they had all their gear on.  I guess the firemen were used to this because one fireman demonstrated putting on all his gear and then showed us how he breathed like Darth Vader when he had his air tank on.

The kids thought that was pretty cool.

We had to get a picture of our little group!



We were waiting to see the ambulance when all of a sudden they had a call to go to a house fire.  All of a sudden, they were putting on gear and hustling like crazy.



They started their sirens –



and then they were gone!



It was really neat to see them in action.  The kids got to see how quickly they prepared and were gone.  (although I do feel bad for thinking it was neat to see them in action because that meant that someone needed them which of course wasn’t good.)

Such a fun trip.  Davey couldn’t wait to come home and tell David all about it!

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