Harry and Hedwig – Halloween 2014

This morning Davey asked me what he dressed up as on his very first Halloween.  I was able to easily remember that one.  We dressed him in an orange body suit type thing that had a monster guy on the front.


Then he wanted to know what he was the next year.  I wasn’t quite sure!  I was thinking Superman, but then I was afraid that I was getting my years mixed up.  Sure enough though, he was Superman (David knew right away when I asked him). This was the first year he trick or treated.


I had to go back to my blog to remind myself that after that he was Spiderman, Captain America, a Jedi, and Robin.  Thank goodness for my blog.  All that to say, I figured I’d better blog about Halloween 2014!

This year he was Harry Potter.  His aunt and uncle had sent this Quidditch robe earlier in the year.  He has had a lot of fun with it.



They also sent Hedwig the owl who accompanied Davey on his trick or treating.  Not a great picture but I love how he carried Hedwig along.




He had a great evening trick or treating with friends from the art department.

I feel much better to have Halloween up this point all straight in my head!


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