Knitting for Babies

This week a friend asked me if I would knit her some baby booties for a friend of hers who is expecting a baby.  She gave me the yarn she wanted me to knit with, and I said sure!

I wasn’t sure what pattern I wanted to use, so I started looking around on ravelry and pinterest.  This had led to a fun week of knitting.  I keep coming across little baby patterns that I want to try out.  For the booties, I found a pattern called “Easiest and Fastest Baby Booties Ever!”.  These were definitely very quick to knit up.  I decided to add some of my own yarn and give them stripes.


I took the picture the other day when it was sunny, so I especially like looking at it since we are under gray skies once again.

These booties are knit flat and seamed up.  They are garter stitch and have just a little bit of increasing and decreasing.  They would be a great first project.  The seaming can be done with just a whip stitch with the right sides facing.  Some people don’t like seaming, but it doesn’t bother me.  I prefer it to working with dpns with small numbers of stitches.  That’s a little fiddly for me.

In the process of looking for this pattern, I found another sweet little shoe that I just had to make.  The idea here is to use up yarn that I already have.  I am diligently trying to knit away at my stash. I had some silver metallic yarn and some pink which I thought would be pretty together.   The pattern is called “Bows before Bros” and it’s a free one too.

silver-pink-baby-booty-2This was also a quick and easy knit.  I knit the shoe and then made the bow separately and attached it.


This is another great beginner pattern!

Davey was sick a couple of days this week so I had some downtime with him.  We did lots of resting which means I had time for some extra knitting.  I came across another pattern that I was fascinated by mainly because it included an interesting schematic.



It was a pattern for an elephant knit all in one piece (except for the ears and tail).  It looked tricky to me, so I wanted to try it out.  It was a little tricky, but I realized that I needed to just follow the written instructions and not over think it.  It was actually all really easy going except the trunk confused me a little.

Here’s a not very great picture of how it looked flat.


This also requires seaming up.  I used mattress stitch though and it went quickly.


I think he’s the cutest.  If I had it to do again, I’d stuff the trunk a little more to give it a little more curve.  I made him with some leftover Kraemer cotton tweed.  He was really very fun to knit.  I’d happily make him again.

Back to baby knitting!



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