Hats and a Koala

We have been on Christmas break, and I have been getting the chance to do lots of knitting.  It’s been great.

David decided that he needed a new hat.  I have a pattern that I have knitted a bunch of times called Boyfriend Hat.  It’s a great hat.  It’s just a 2 x 3 rib with a fun decrease.  I have probably made it at least ten times.  It had been awhile since I made it though, and I’d forgotten to make it a little longer for David’s large noggin.  So it didn’t quite cover the ears as well as David wanted (it’s darn cold in these parts right now, so I can understand the need for proper ear coverage.  I probably should just make him a balaclava).

It’s an ok hat though – we will wear it.  I made it with Plymouth Gina, and it was nice yarn to knit with.  I liked the colors in the hat as well. I convinced my sweet Davey to model it for me.


It fits him pretty well.  The variegated yarn is really nice.  I’d happily knit more hats with it.


Since hat number one was not ideal, I began a second hat.  I decided on a Jared Flood pattern that I’d not knit before called Turn A Square.  This is a great hat, and I think it will be my new “go-to” hat pattern.  It’s a lot of fun to knit, and I love how it turned out.  I was able to use the same yarn for this hat for the stripes.  I had some dark gray yarn for the main color, but I have no memory of what that yarn was.  That’s ok though because it was yarn from my stash which is always a good thing.

Jared Flood writes great clear patterns, and I had no trouble following this one.


I got sweet Davey to model for me again.  He likes to get silly when I take too many pictures.


These hats both knit up really quickly as well.

So then, I came across the cutest pattern.  It’s a Koala cup cozy.  I had never knitted a cup cozy before, but I couldn’t resist this one.  I made one for a friend, and I liked it so much that I made one for me.


I was able to go to my stash for this yarn too.  That’s kind of a perpetual New Year’s Resolution for me:  Knit with the yarn I’ve got!

The hat requires duplicate stitch which is always tricky for me to get to look right. For example, the koala pictured above looks like he is a little more dangerous than cute.  I like him anyway though.  Maybe he is saying, “stay away from my coffee!”

I also had to make pom poms.  I am no pom pom expert, so I worry that they will disintegrate at any time.  Hopefully not.

Alexandra Davidoff designed this pattern, and she’s got another really cute pattern for a panda cup cozy on her website as well.  She actually has several designs that I’d like to knit sometime.

My knitting list of things I want to make is LONG and ever growing.


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