Superheroes vs. Aliens

We have discovered the fun of stop motion animation.

Meet our cast of characters: SuperDavey, SuperMama and SuperDaddy.


And then there’s the aliens:


Here are the first efforts of beginners having a great time with stop motion animation!

The inspiration for our movie came from my efforts to convince Davey whenever he was staging some elaborate battle with his action figures that he should have them hug to resolve their issues.  He always says “Mammmaaaa” and continues his battle.  I have said it so often that I don’t think he hears me anymore!  So when we were thinking about making our movie, I thought we should bring in that same perspective of love not war.  He liked the idea.

The knitting patterns came from Anna Hrachovec of MochiMochi Land. Her patterns are great and fun to knit.  She has written several books and has created many art installations with her knits.  She is also my stop motion inspiration.  She creates beautiful, clever, and fun stop motion videos.  She’s definitely worth checking out!


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