School Days

We are settling back into the routine of school days.  Last week we had our 90th day of school.   We have been tracking the days as we count down to the 100th day of school.  I am over halfway finished with my first year of teaching!  It is hard to believe.

I’ve begun a pen pal project with a good friend from Oklahoma.  We grew up in the same little town, and he teaches 2nd grade in Oklahoma City.  (He has been teaching lots longer than I have.  I think maybe he had an easier time finding his calling than I did. :))  I am looking forward to our classes communicating back and forth.

My students are growing so much.  It’s inspiring to see how far they’ve come since the beginning of the year especially in their reading.   The vast majority of them began kindergarten speaking very little English so it’s just incredible to work with them and see how much they have learned.

My students are also a source of therapy for me.  For example, the other day the subject of my dad came up.  I don’t remember what started it.  It happens from time to time.

Students:  “Your dad died.”

Me:  “Yes he did.”

Students:  “What happened to him?”

Me:  “He had a heart attack.”

Students (one in particular who is the most curious little boy) :  “So his heart stopped pumping blood?”

Me:  “Yes, that’s right.”

Students: ” Do you miss him?”

Me:  “Yes.  Every single day.”

Students:  “Do you want your dad back?”

Me:  “I sure do.”

They are my talking therapy that I don’t do enough of.  I love them.

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