Catching Up

I have been on Spring Break this past week.  It began with Easter weekend.  David, Davey and I went and had brunch at this fun restaurant in the canyon along the Yakima River.


Davey is just growing so much!  We were looking up something on my blog this morning.  It has become kind of a reference over the years.  We’d made a salt dough map a few years ago and were thinking about doing another one.  I knew I’d blogged about it so we did a search and found it!  So anyway, it got me thinking about how I enjoy reading about our memories in my blog.  Davey and I went back and read quite a few.  There are a lot of stories I tell about him from when he was little that I’d totally forgotten about.  I’m thankful for the blog, and I figured I’d better continue it!  So I can thank the big kid below for that inspiration.


David and Davey had school this week.  I took Davey to lunch one day, and I enjoyed taking him to school and picking him up all week.  He took Friday off; David had the day off too, so we had a nice family day.

I also went hunting for some books for my classroom.  I am getting antsy for more yard sales to start, but the local thrift shops had some books for me, and I found some more at a yard sale this morning.


I found some great ones, and I can’t wait to share them with my students on Monday!

Today I have gotten out a knitting project that I have been working on for a long time.  It’s a way to use up some leftover yarn.


The afghan pattern is called “Catch Some Waves“.  It’s a free pattern from Caron.  I am starting to get close to the length that I think I want it to be.  I think I have more than enough yarn to make another one.  I will have to start a different “stashbuster” pattern next.

Davey is inspired now by my blog to start knitting.  We actually just spent a little time working on it, and he’s gotten the hang of it.  I have tried to teach him a couple of times before; this was the first time that he’s really taken off on it!


1 thought on “Catching Up

  1. Davey has grown so much! What a handsome boy, er, young man he is becoming.
    I’m loving that afghan you are knitting. Is it mostly wool? I have so much acrylic yarn I want/need to use up and that just might be the perfect pattern. It will probably be too warm to work on in the summer but a great project for fall and winter.
    Missed you.

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