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I titled this “Back to the Blog” because Davey noticed that this is a frequent title of my blog posts in the last few years.  Apparently I’d write a post that I was back to blogging, and then I’d not show up again for quite awhile.  So the other day for some reason, we were talking about my blog, and Davey started reading it.  He read on it for a long time.  It goes back to 2007, and I used to post daily, so there are a lot of posts.  He really enjoyed it and has been encouraging me to write again.  He liked reading the stories I wrote about him over the years.  It’s really kind of  a history of Davey.  Plus I have always liked sharing about my knitting and sometimes about what I am reading. We mention David occasionally as well. 🙂

And because knitting has always been a big part of this blog, I have to share my current project: “Breathe and Hope”.  It was a pattern that a designer named Casapinka offered for free for awhile in return for knitters supporting their local yarn shops by buying yarn for the pattern.  Here’s the pattern: Breathe and Hope.

This is not a difficult pattern, but I was just having trouble with focus at the beginning.  I must have started over six times, but I am finally settled in and it’s going well (my 2nd graders and I know that I just couldn’t do it YET and I just had to keep on trying!). My sister is knitting this pattern at the same time so it’s fun to share our progress.  I will have to share pictures of her progress as well.


And if there has ever been a time to journal about what we have been experiencing, I’d say this is the time.  Davey keeps asking when we are going to get back to “normal”.  It’s a great question,  but it makes me also think about the positive things that have happened as a result of our quarantine time.  I want to write about and remember those too.

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