Settling in – (Not all unpacked, but tired of unpacking)

I was reminded what a lame blogger I have been lately.  (thanks Angie!:))  I do have a mighty good excuse.  We moved to our new house a week ago.  Last week was all day unpacking.  I unpacked as much as I could during the day, and then at night after Davey went to sleep.   I unpacked during his naps.  Finally on Thursday, I stopped unpacking, and I have not done much since.  

We had a busy fun weekend though.  Brad, SethAnn and their kids came to visit us on Saturday.  We had lunch together and they came over to our house for awhile.  It was great to see them. 

Then Saturday afternoon, Karen, Kevin, Mikayla and Jadyn came for the weekend.  I did not take many pictures at all of them while they were here.  I took a few – I need to download them to my computer and put some up here.  We have a couple of traditions when they visit.  Mikayla and Jadyn help me make cinnamon rolls and we always paint toenails and fingernails.  I help them and paint too.  Sometimes they want to do their own painting, sometimes they want me too.  This time it was a combination.  They like to paint each finger and toe a different color, although Mikayla went with an all red white and blue theme this year.  And darn it, I didn't take a single picture of that either!

We played some Yahtzee which was fun.  I had not played in years.  I found scorecards which indicated that the last time we'd played was in Seattle!  Davey had a great time playing with everyone.  They brought their tricycle and Davey's legs are almost long enough to touch the pedals.  He had a lot of fun trying to get on it and getting pushed around. 

Davey has his own room again, and he really likes it.  I am just so appreciative of having closets again!  The floors are wood laminate which is great for playing cars!  "Cahhs" he says, and he runs to his room with us following him. 

Today, I noticed what looked like a big broken blister at the base of his thumb.  We thought – a burn?  There was no way that he could have burned himself.  Finally it occurred to David.  The broom. He loves to sweep the broom all around the house.   I guess he swept so much that he got a blister.  That soft sweet skin – I can see how it could happen. 

Davey loves my marimba too.  Well in particular, he likes the mallets.  He does not limit himself to playing the marimba.  He plays the mallets on every possible surface.  He has found they work pretty well on the piano too.  Luckily these are soft yarn covered mallets.

David took the picture below when we were in Texarkana a few weeks ago visiting his parents.  Will get some new pictures up soon.  Thanks Angie, once I got started, I just kept going!


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