Rob and Angie’s Wedding

Friday we drove to Stillwater for Rob and Angie’s wedding.  They got married before a justice of the peace, and then had a reception at Aggies.  Aggies looked familiar to me and after awhile, I learned that it was formerly Stillwater Bay.  We loved Stillwater Bay when we were in college.

We didn’t make it to Stillwater quite in time to see the actually “marrying”, but we got to the reception just before it began.  David and I have never been afraid to make frequent stops on a trip.  Add Davey to the mix, and we are stopping more than driving it seems like.  So what should be a 5 – 6 hour trip, we can easily stretch into a 7 – 8 hour trip.

David took a couple of good naps on the way.

The reception was very nice.  I enjoyed meeting Angie’s family.  Davey had a great time.  He met a little girl named Tory,  She was 5 and he loved following her around and playing with her.  Later Addie arrived with Johnny, and he played with her some as well.

The late afternoon light was not ideal for picture taking; neither were the orange walls.  (However, I have to update to say that Angie posted some great wedding pictures so my lighting/wall color excuses are blown.) This picture is blurry, but still says a lot about the moment.

David and his brother Rob (the smiling groom).

Not the best light, as I mentioned, but Davey had a big time playing with the vertical blinds.

After the wedding, we went to David’s parents’ house.  Davey quickly got comfy and he soon discovered the water dispenser.

I love this final picture of Davey having a good old time!

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