Scraping the Kitchen Floor

Well, not me.  That job goes to David.  Turns out the dishwasher has been leaking.  For awhile.  I guess before we ever moved in.  So we got a new dishwasher and then started taking up flooring to see how much mildew we had.  And kept taking it up and kept taking it up.  (I need to stop saying we – David is taking it up.)  So now we (oops) have taken up nearly the whole kitchen.  David is scraping up several layers of flooring.  Not too fun.

I went to pay for the new flooring today.  We got it at Railroad Salvage, and I’d forgotten my checkbook.  On the way back I heard that newish Nickelback song – something like “No one want’s to be the last one standing” something like that.  It reminded me that the last time it came on when Davey was in the car, he started singing along (as much as a 17 month old can).  But it wasn’t what he was singing, but how he was singing it.  He was imitating the singer’s ( I can’t remember his name) kind of gravely voice. Davey was giving it this little 17 month old quasi-growl.  Cute!

A few pictures – in the first  – no we don’t have a child laboring in our house.  He loves to sweep.  To the point that he got a blister.  Those sweet soft hands, I had no idea where it was from, and it finally occurred to us:  the sweeping.

Swifter abandoned, he is happy playing on his little chair that his Aunt Holly made for him.

A couple of weeks ago, Karen, Kevin, Mikayla and Jadyn came to visit.  They usually come on their Spring Break.  We almost always make cinnamon rolls and paint our nails.  It’s kind of become a tradition.  Davey needs 4 or 5 older siblings.  He likes having older kids around.  He had a great time with Mikayla and Jadyn.

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