Hmmm… & Resurface of the Spaghetti Noodles

Tonight for some reason Davey began saying "hmmm" a lot.  He said it first when I asked him which toy was blue.  "Hmmmmm" he immediately said.  Since then he has said it in response to almost every question we have asked him.

We had dinner over at Russell and Phyllis's tonight.  Phyllis made spaghetti just for him.  We had pork chops and vegetables.  It was a great dinner.  Anyway – well first of all, Davey calls Phyllis "I-E"  (as in Old McDonald had a farm, E I E I O.  (He has always begun with I on that. Are double parenthetical expressions legal?  I doubt it.)) (Maybe it is ok if you make sure and close them all correctly as if you are doing a math problem.)  So, he calls Russell "Quack Quack" as in Russell can really quack like a duck, and Davey loves it.

So Davey ate spaghetti.  He ate quite abit tonight and enjoyed it enormously.  He crammed big bites into his mouth and got it everywhere as usual.  When he was done eating, he suddenly sneezed.  I said, "Oh let me get that big booger".  It was a spaghetti noodle.  He had sneezed it out of his nose!

A few minutes later, he was playing with David and suddenly a noodle plopped out of his nose.  Before David could stop him, Davey had grabbed it, exclaimed "Noodle" and he ate it.  Yep, he ate it.  A few minutes later, I saw one more noodle beginning to trickle out of his nose.  I quickly grabbed it before he could.  He was not happy about this.  Is this normal?  Should I worry that noodles are trickling out of his nose?  Ok, actually I did just do a little internet "research", and I guess this is not that unusual. 

2 thoughts on “Hmmm… & Resurface of the Spaghetti Noodles

  1. I saw this on David’s facebook and laughed hysterically. Sounds like little Davey already has a good trick that will make all his mates love hanging out with him!!

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