Happy Birthday Oma!

April 27th is Oma's birthday.  David, Davey and I couldn't go home to celebrate, but we are thinking of her here.  Maybe I should bake a cake to celebrate.  I bet that David and Davey will think that is a great idea! 🙂

My aunt Liz had a great birthday celebration for Oma today.  The cake was beautiful!  She received several plants and flowers for her birthday.  Here is why – well besides the fact that she loves them:

Oma has the greenest thumb in the world.  Not to make this post about me, but just as a comparison (a vast huge comparison).  When I went to buy tomato plants a few weeks ago, there was a lady standing near me also looking at tomato plants.  I didn't know which type to buy, so I asked the lady which types were "dummy proof".  Oma has never had to buy dummy proof plants! (Quite an understatement – she can turn a brown plant green.)


Singing Happy Birthday to Oma.


This is a picture of Oma with Davey last summer on Mom's birthday. 

Hope you have a wonderful birthday Oma!

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