We have started going to the waterpark.  It opened on Memorial Day weekend.  We went twice last week when Mikayla and Jadyn were here.  They had a great time. The first day we went was just a little too chilly.  They were shivering, but then they'd run back and play some more.  It wasn't cold, just a tad below being quite warm enough to be comfortable.  The water was not too warm either.  We went back today with Davey.

He doesn't know quite what to think yet.  He likes it, but he is still in "checking it all out mode".  He is feeling his way slowly.  He doesn't much like getting splashed by kids passing by.  They don't splash him on purpose – just the normal splashes of moving through the water.  He doesn't want to walk in the water much yet, although he gained a little more confidence today.  That's the thing – he is just slowly gaining confidence and figuring out what in the world all this water is.  It's a little bigger than his tub at home!  

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