Waterpark: Part Two

Today we went back to the waterpark.  We were not going to go today, but the house a/c quit; suddenly it seemed like a great time to go.  David stayed home and waited for the electrician, although he ran to the park and joined us after awhile.  (turns out our a/c is ok…for now.)

So at the park.  This time, I decided to take a few little toys for Davey to play with.  I thought this might help him gain confidence if he had some familiar things with him.  It really really helped. We took several little toys, but the big hit were these plastic spheres.  Actually three halves.  Each half of the plastic sphere has a hole in the bottom.  (They come in different sizes and help kids learn about colors, sizes, etc.)  Anyway, Davey played with them on the 4 sprayers.  The sprayers are like if you buried a hose up to its neck with just the nozzle sticking out.  Then a stream of water comes out in a big arc.  If you hit the arc of water just right, it caught the half sphere and carried it.  Davey played and played.  

Then a little boy who is about 21 months old came over to Davey.  He was watching Davey playing with those spheres (I just don't know what else to call them – David suggested "plastic circles that break in half".)  Anyway, he inched closer to Davey, and Davey saw that he was interested.  So Davey slowly reached over and handed the little boy (Gabe) one of the spheres.  I was so proud of him – such nice sharing.  They proceeded to play together in the way that toddlers of this age play together.  They just kind of co-exist.  They both held the plastic things in the water, watched them fly in the air as the water carried them away.  A few times, when one of them got away from Davey, Gabe would pick it up and hand it back to Davey.  They played together so nicely.  I loved watching them.  Met Gabe's parents too which I also enjoyed. 

Davey headed over to our chair and found his juice and goldfish ("fish").  He wanted lots of fish.  Gabe followed him over to our chair.  Gabe was very hungry too, and so they both had "fish".  It was time for Gabe to go home for dinner though so he had to leave.  It was so interesting to watch how they "interacted" without actually interacting.  I know that's typical for the age; I just hadn't seen it in action before. 

After we got home and determined that the a/c was ok, I decided to bake some bread.  I got a wonderful new recipe (thank you Jennifer!).  I think one reason it also turned out so good is that I let the dough hook on my Kitchenaid do all the kneading.  It's a much better kneader then I am.  

I put strawberry jam (which I made the other day!) on a slice (just about 20 minutes after it came out of the oven.)  Golly.  David and I determined that we could have eaten the whole loaf.  He had blackberry jelly though.   He's kind of scared of the strawberry jam.  I think Davey is going to like it all lots.  That's the mission these days:  Finding foods that Davey will eat!

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