Happy Anniversary to Us.

20 years today!  We had a nice day with Davey.  It was an odd day as Davey and I didn't get up until 9:15am.   I had trouble falling asleep last night, and then Davey woke up at 5:30.  His feet were itching.  He said, "I need lotion.  I need lotion."  So we put some anti-itch hydrocortisone stuff on there and then some Eucerin.  We applied Eucerin a couple of times.  So he went back to sleep in bed with us.  He woke up briefly a couple of times, and each time he did, he scooted me closer and closer to the edge.  Finally I switched to David's side since he was up, and we both slept.  

We went to Andy's for breakfast.  The weather was incredible this morning.  Such an odd day.  It stormed this morning and afterwards it felt like Colorado in the fall for a little while.  It was incredible.   It was starting to warm up, but David went for a run and Davey and I went to Ouachita and to see Ms. Claire.  (We finally bought the knitting needle canister thing that he loves to play with so much.  It has a cat painted on the top.)  He loves putting things into it.  As a matter of fact, tonight he had a cupcake.  Like a true son of David, he was primarily interested in the icing.  He took the rest of the cut up cupcake and put it into the canister before I knew what was happening.  

We played this afternoon. Davey and I took a piece of butcher paper and put these little circle stickers all over it.  Just circles that you might use to tag things in a garage sale.  It looks cool. We put it up on his wall. He loves for us to hang things on his wall.    He also painted with watercolors for the first time today.  He did great with that as well.  No nap was going to happen since he slept so late this morning.  That was the first time he'd ever slept in like that.  

We went to TaMolly's for dinner.  It was ok – Davey ate well and that's always very nice.

I think this time 20 years ago we were at a wax museum in Branson. πŸ™‚  The wax museum was lame, but we didnt' mind.

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