I have been making Davey some little animals.  I started by knitting a little bitty chicken.  I call him the "worried chicken" because well the expression I sewed on his face makes him look worried.  Now I am crocheting amigurumi animals.  I started with an elephant.  I used too fine of yarn and too big of a crochet hook, so he's not great.  You can see stuffing.  The hippopotamus was much better, but the yarn was a little soft and the hook a little big.  The giraffe that I finished today is much better.  Good old cheap acrylic yarn seems to work best, and using a hook a least a size smaller.  He's cute.  

Davey loves to watch my process.  He walks up to me and says, "a giraffe?  You making me a giraffe?"  I tell him that I am.  He likes to check my progress and ask me many many times.  He was so happy to see the finished giraffe tonight.  He gathered it up with the rest of the animals.

He knows that I am making them using a pattern from a Vanna White book.  He loves to look at the book and pick out the other ones that he wants me to make.  He walks up to me out of the blue all the time and says, "you going to make me a walrus?  a seal?  a lion?  an alligator?"  He has studied the pictures and knows which ones he would like to have.  We talk about this a lot!

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