More amigurumi

I took some pictures of the guys I am making.  Davey is really enjoying them.  I crocheted the giraffe and the alligator from patterns.  I knit the chicken from a pattern.  (I refer to him as worried chicken!)  Davey wanted a flamingo and I didn't have a pattern, so I made him up.  Now that was fun.  I am just making it up as I go along from now on.  He turned out ok for my first try.  His neck is a little long and his legs could be a little longer.  I ordered some safety eyes, but I haven't gotten them in yet.  I could sew on some eyes, but I don't mind him without eyes either.  




Not the best photo of the giraffe.  I was trying to be fast, because Davey wanted him back!


See why I call him the worried chicken?  Poor guy – what an expression I gave him!


Same story as the giraffe on the photo.  I wanted to "pose" him better!

But this is a lot of fun.  Now Davey is asking me, "are you making a fox?"  I just started one.

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