I want to do it alll by mysellffff!

Davey has grown increasingly independent lately.  At least he wants to be!  "I can do it alll by myself!"  "I want to do it all by myself!"  So today he wanted to go up the steps at the art building by himself. They were too steep to walk up, so he semi-crawled up them, but he did it alll by himself!

I got him a mini Doodlepro thing today.  He loves to draw on it.  It is hard for him to pull the lever and erase the picture on this smaller one, (He does it great on the large one) so he says to me, "Mommy zip it!", and I pull the lever for him.  He told me he was drawing a mouse.  (We had just read, "If you Take a Mouse to School".)  He told me as he was drawing, "I am drawing the tail, the body," etc.  I couldn't tell exactly what he was drawing, but I know that he could tell in his mind!

No nap for Davey today.  That's two days in a row.  He was pooped when he went to bed.  But we had a nice afternoon at OBU.  He played and played outside.  I made the mistake of taking him into the bookstore to get t-shirts.  He was an incorrigible whirling dervish.  He wanted to touch all the stuffed tigers.  He wanted to take things off shelves.  He wanted to pull the shirts down off hangers.  If I told him, "please don't touch", he just went into faster whirling dervish mode.  Finally, I picked up the wiggly kid and got the heck out of there as fast as we could. 🙂  He had a great time!  Mostly he was just trying to show me things.  And if you see 10 stuffed tigers sitting on a bottom shelf, and they are all looking at you, what in the world are you supposed to do but try to pick them all up?!!?

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